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There are situations in which a normal flashlight is insufficient. When you’re camping, hunting, or in an emergency situation, the small amount of light that a traditional handheld torch doesn’t provide the amount of light necessary. Normal flashlights are typically fragile and easily broken, capable of holding only a small...
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Dhs. 79.00
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There are situations in which a normal flashlight is insufficient. When you’re camping, hunting, or in an emergency situation, the small amount of light that a traditional handheld torch doesn’t provide the amount of light necessary.

Normal flashlights are typically fragile and easily broken, capable of holding only a small amount of battery charge.

Tactical flashlights offer a solution to this issue, providing a handheld illumination device that is strong enough, sturdy enough, and bright enough to stand up to the rigors of military situations.

Tactical lights have a broad range of applications, from first responder scenarios to natural disasters.

These high performance flashlights are typically constructed from aerospace-grade alloys, use super bright LEDs with functional lifespans that hundreds of thousands of hours, and are powerful enough to disorient assailants in defense situations.

Not all tactical flashlights are created equal, however.

The popularity of tactical flashlight solutions has led to the market becoming flooded with low quality mass produced units from cheap manufacturers that, while advertised as reliable and powerful products, break incredibly easily and don’t last anywhere near as long as the marketing techniques used to sell them would have you believe.

When selecting a tactical flashlight, it’s best to maintain a discerning selection process, ensuring that the manufacturer of your chosen solution adheres to strict production standards and uses only high quality compounds in their product.

The Tac Bat is one such tactical flashlight- offering a full range of tactical flashlight features in a nearly indestructible outer housing, this innovative illumination device is one of the most popular tac lights on the market.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the Tac Bat and find out what makes it different than other tactical flashlight solutions on the market to help you decide whether it’s the right solution for you.

What Is Tac Bat?

The Tac Bat is a high performance military grade tactical flashlight. Offering a diverse range of features that make it ideal for a variety of critical situations.

The Tac Bat offers a number of unique design advantages that make it superior to most of the other tactical flashlights available on the market today.

One of the most compelling features of the Tac Bat is the inclusion of a non-traditional superbright LED emitter.

Most low quality tactical flashlights use traditional globe emitters that need to be replaced after several thousand hours of use, and are prone to breaking.

The Tac Bat incorporates a super powerful LED emitter that is more than 22 times brighter than traditional flashlight solutions. The unique design of the emitter in the Tac Bat is also incredibly strong- it can’t be broken by sudden impacts or dropping.

The Tac Bat can be used in many different situations where a normal flashlight would become useless.

The unique design of the Tac Bat makes t completely waterproof, meaning it can be used in nautical situations or even while completely immersed in water.

The emitter of the Tac Bat is so bright that it can be seen from over 4 nautical miles away, making it a great safety device to keep on the boat.

The extremely rugged structure of the Tac Bat makes it ideal for self defense situations.

The makers of the Tac Bat provide a number of instructional videos on their website that demonstrated the martial applications of the device.

The Tac Bat can be used to disarm opponents, knock them off their feet, and render then incapable of doing the user harm.

In addition to the powerful self defense capability of the Tac Bat, it also offers a strobe mode that uses the super bright emitter to blind attackers, providing users with time to avoid dangerous situations.

Tac Bat Design & Features

The Tac Bat is constructed from military grade aluminum alloy that is extremely sturdy. The extremely compact and robust design of the Tac Bat gives it impenetrable waterproofing, suitable for use while diving, swimming, or in inclement weather.

The Tac Bat can also withstand an extreme temperature range- the torch itself can even be frozen in ice and still operate normally.

The lens array of the Tac Bat allows users to focus the light on a specific target, ideal for target spotting while hunting or providing extremely specific illumination. The lens also allows for wide angle dispersal, illuminating an extremely broad area.

The lens of the Tac Bat is a genuine Bell + Howell lens, which is one of the oldest and most widely respected lens manufacturers in the world.

The Tac Bat has a super durable reinforced rear that, apart from providing use as a deterrent to would-be assailants, can be used to break the window of a car in an emergency situation, providing an egress point in the event of a car crash or fire.

The Tac Light can be adjusted between the various modes of operation, which include super bright turbo mode, standard mode, and self defense strobe mode, via an easy one touch button set into the outer casing of the torch.

The outer casing of the Tac Light is so strong that it can be run over by a vehicle or even dropped in boiling water and keep functioning as normal.

The extreme strength of the Tac Bat is due to the production process that creates the outer casing.

Each Tac Bat casing is milled from a single block of high strength aluminum, completely removing the possibility of any weak points or fractures, while also minimizing the open ports on the device, contributing to the weatherproof design of the torch.

Tac Bat Verdict

The Tac Bat is one of the most well-designed and robust tactical flashlights available on the market.

Available in black or silver colors, this unique and innovative torch is the ideal solution for those that need an above average, high performance tactical light.

The creators of the Tac Bat are currently offering the Tac Bat on a two for the price of one basis- customers purchasing one Tac Bat for the price of $19.99 are provided with the second at no cost.

If you’re looking for the ultimate tactical flashlight solution at an extremely competitive price, the Tac Bat is one of the best options on the market.

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