6-Rack Bradley Digital Smoker - Subject for Pre Order
The Bradley Smoker is a unique smoke house, sold complete with its accompanying smoke generator, in which flavour bisquettes are burned for 20 minutes each so that the temperature does not fluctuate. This eliminates high temperature gases, acids and resins...
Dhs. 4,778.00
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The PolyScience Smoking Gun Pro hand-held smoker
The Smoking Gun Pro Hand-Held Smoke Infuser Where There’s Smoke There’s Flavor The Smoking Gun® Pro produces cold smoke, which allows it to be used for any kind of food or liquid. As a flexible hand-held device, it is easy...
Dhs. 940.00
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Univex 4612 Manual Economy Slicer
Not all food service businesses are the same. Each establishment will have its own unique needs which will have to be met. If you are running a food service business, you have to study the things which you will need,...
Dhs. 9,996.00
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International Recipe Book-Pre Order
International Recipe Book The Pacojet international recipe book offers culinary inspiration from all over the world – in five languages. In addition to a comprehensive collection of base recipes, 23 chefs present innovative Pacojet menus from the four corners of...
Dhs. 529.00
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Beaker Sets
Dhs. 1,500.00
Beaker Sets
Available on pre-order, Subject to lead time Beaker Sets Get the maximum value from your Pacojet cooking system by having the correct number of beakers on-hand for your business, based on planned applications and food selection. Our calculator and a...
Dhs. 1,500.00
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Excalibur Dehydrator 4-tray, No Timer, Black with Solid Door- Pre- order
4 plastic trays with BPA free mesh screens, integrated On/Off switch and adjustable thermostat range of 95°F to 165°F, 4″ fan for excellent air circulation. Easy to use. Includes Guide to Dehydration so you can learn how to dehydrate all...
Dhs. 2,560.00
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Pacotizing Blades-Pre Order
Pacotizing Blades The special construction and stability of the pacotizing blade ensures the highest precision when processing frozen food preparations in the pacotizing beaker. The pacotizing blade “Gold” offers an even more durable alternative for heavy users with its titanium-hardened...
from Dhs. 1,310.00
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Excalibur Dehydrators 5-Plastic Tray, 26hr Timer, Black with Solid Door Pre- order
Excalibur Dehydrators 5-Plastic Tray, 26hr Timer, Black with Solid Door Dehydration fruits might seem like a simple process, but it’s actually a complicated one. This misunderstanding is the reason why many dehydrators do not deliver the desired results. This is...
Dhs. 6,496.00
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PrO-Xtract 3 Ambient Centrifuge 3 Litre- Pre order
Designed with Leading Chef's. Featured on the Great British menu. This range of Centrifuges has all you need to perfect that recipe. All are complete with Rotor. Good looks, good techniques, reliable and good value. Built to last, strong construction...
Dhs. 43,419.00
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Description Cap: 3 burners• Magnet safety valve• Sliding bottom housing of the spear provides shawarma meat to get closer to burner• Adjustable spear / Dual direction option• Hygienic and safe / Stainless steel body• power voltage: 4.2 kw/ 380V-50 HzMade...
Dhs. 4,800.00
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100% Chef - SuperAladin Professional Smoker
Super Aladin Professional Smoker Super Aladin© is the unique manual metallic smoker, resistant to daily or semi -industrial use. Its aluminium propeller ensures a total heat resistance. Unlike other smokers, Super Aladin© has a large combustion tank that will allow...
Dhs. 3,300.00
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Sammic PS-22 Meat Mincer
Sammic is a trusted name when it comes to making equipment for food preparation. They have a wide array of products that can boost the productivity of your commercial kitchen. One such product is the PS-22 Meat Mincer, which has...
Dhs. 7,908.00
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POWERLINE P79-EP Bone Saw Machine
When you need a bone saw for your business, you cannot just go for any brand out there. You have to trust the best that is available. Powerline is a known manufacturer of high-quality commercial kitchen equipment. Their P79-EP Bone...
Dhs. 8,897.00
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Univex 1405 PattyPress Burger Mold
Use Univex 1405 Hamburger Patty Press to create quality burger molds. It can help you save your budget by doing your own burgers from fresh ground beef instead of purchasing expensive pre-cut patties. Get to know some of its features....
Dhs. 3,500.00
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Univex 1404 Hamburger Patty Press
Are you preparing appetizers like sliders or crab cakes in your restaurant? Using Univex 1404 Hamburger Patty Press, experience the convenience of making patties by using this manual patty press. Let’s see some of its features. Use this burger equipment...
Dhs. 3,765.00
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Sammic PS-32 Stainless Meat Mincer
If you need a powerful and reliable meat mincer for your foodservice business than the PS-32 is a good choice that you should consider. These are the features of this product from Sammic: The PS-32 comes with a stainless steel...
Dhs. 9,853.00
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Powerline P116-3-SS Meat & Bone Saw
Are you planning on buying a top of the line meat and bone saw for your business? Powerline has a wide range of meat and bone saws that you should know more about. Their P116-3-SS Meat & Bone Saw is...
Dhs. 23,200.00
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Adam LBK 3 Weighing Scale
A small, lightweight weighing scale is a handy tool in a commercial kitchen. It’s useful in measuring the various ingredients which will be used in cooking. If you’re running a foodservice business, you have to seriously consider getting the Adam...
Dhs. 1,320.00
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Adam WBW 16 Wash Down Scaleswash Down Scale
The WBW is a series of washdown scales from Adam. These scales are ideal for use in food service business, food processing, and even in agricultural settings. The WBW 16 should be an adequate tool for all of your weighing...
Dhs. 1,100.00
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Adam LBK 12 Weighing Scale
All commercial kitchens require a simple but rugged weighing scale which can be used for the most basic measuring functions. Accuracy is very crucial here and that’s why the Adam LBK 12 Weighing Scale is a great choice. This weighing...
Dhs. 1,600.00
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Adam GBK 32 Bench Check Weighing Scale
If you’re looking for a scale which can provide real value for your business, then the Adam GBK 32 Bench Check Weighing Scale is a good product to get started with. It’s made by Adam Equipment, which is one of...
Dhs. 2,491.00
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Univex 6612M Medium Duty Manual Slicer
Most food businesses which require a food slicer only need a medium duty machine to meet their needs. The volume of use that they have waiting for the slicer is not that heavy. If your business falls under that category,...
Dhs. 8,593.00
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Sunkist S-102 Sectionizer
makes quick work of slicing, halving, and wedging a variety of fruits and vegetables Blade cups and plungers are dishwashers safe for thorough cleaning You can expect to section 10 to 12 cartons of oranges per hour Comes with 6...
Dhs. 1,350.00
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Nemco 56450A-1Monster Fry Kutter
Labor saving Consistent cut size for portion control 4 ¼-inch square cutting area Specifically designed for 70 count extra large potatoes Data Sheet Water Connection Resources and Downloads Nemco 56450A-1 Specsheet
Dhs. 3,516.00
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