Lincat LD3 Heated Displays
Thermostatic temperature control Overhead halogen heat lamps with separate control Sneeze screen toughened safety glass Height adjustable feet Dimension: 1130 mm x 562 mm 538 mm (W x H x D) Usable heated surface: 1088 mm x 500 mm Resources...
Dhs. 4,017.00
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APW Wyott FD-42H-I High Wattage Calrod Food Warmer with Infinite Controls
Delivers over 22% more heat to your prepared food than competitive models All units come standard with sturdy stainless steel mounting brackets Pilot lights are standard features that keep your employees aware of the unit’s operations Stainless steel construction resists...
Dhs. 1,288.00
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Hatco MDW‐2X Two Door Mini Display Warmer
Three magnetically adjustable shelves for horizontal or slanted displays provide flexibility for a variety of product choices Tempered glass sides and incandescent light to showcase food products Single door or pass­through models available. Doors are field reversible for right or...
Dhs. 5,476.00
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Winston HA4022 CVAP Holding / Proofing Cabinet
Offers superior food temperature and texture control 66 cu.m holding capacity Fourteen adjustable universal wire rack supports The A-Series electronic differential control precisely controls both food temperature and food texture provide precise food temperature from 32 to 82°C Utilizes Controlled...
Dhs. 14,018.00
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Alto‐Shaam 300-HW/D6 Hot Food Drop-in Well
The gentle heating capability of HALO HEAT significantly extends hot food holding life without continuing the cooking process Provides a more appealing product with better appearance and fresher taste
Dhs. 12,499.00
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APW Wyott FD-48H-T 48 Strip Food Warmer
Industry-leading durability and resists corrosion for long product life It features a side mounted toggle switch for easy operation For simple installation it also includes a set of mounting brackets.
Dhs. 1,889.00
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Hatco GRAL‐42 Glo-Ray Aluminum Single Infrared Lighted Warmer with Toggle Controls
Sturdy continuous aluminum housings eliminate sagging Pre-focused heat maintains serving temperatures longer without continuing to cook the food Variety of models, configurations, colors, and accessories provide unlimited design flexibility Coated shatter-resistant incandescent lights enhance brilliant product display while safeguarding food...
Dhs. 1,778.00
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Crescor H-137-SUA-20240 Holding Cabinet
Fully insulated hot cabinet keeps prepared foods at serving temperatures Powerful, yet efficient, 1500 Watt heating system maintains the right temperature to properly hold products Internal frame in body maintains structural rigidity Stainless steel construction throughout for ease of cleaning...
Dhs. 26,775.00
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Hatco GRSDS-36 Gray Granite Glo-Ray 36" Slanted Single Shelf Merchandiser
Designed specifically for showcasing wrapped or boxed product Product divider rods sort food displays Thermostatically-controlled hardcoated heated base, with a temperature range of 185°- 200°F, to extend holding times Shatter-resistant incandescent lights illuminate the holding areas and emphasize the product...
Dhs. 10,908.00
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Hatco GRFFB Glo-Ray Portable Food Warmer with Heated Base
Preferred serving temperatures for extended periods of time Maintaining product quality by using pre-focused heat patterns that guarantee precise temperature control Includes a metal sheathed infrared heating element that radiates heat from above Features a heated base with a preset...
Dhs. 2,622.00
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Apw Hdc-4 Heated Display Cabinet
Holds a variety of foods with different merchandising options. Pizza Racks with four shelves holding pizzas up to 18” D. Rack stops revolving when the door opens. Handles Crispy or Moist Food equally well with a unique combination of Air...
Dhs. 8,992.00
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Hatco GRAH-60 Glo-Ray Infrared Warmer
Hatco GRAH-60 Glo-Ray Infrared Warmer safely hold the temperature of your product without drying out or further cooking food with Hatco’s Glo-Ray Infrared Aluminum Strip Heaters. The end result is hot, fresh food that’s ready-to-serve. The continuous aluminum housing and...
Dhs. 2,800.00
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Neumarker Soup Kettle Prince Charles
Color: White Capacity 11 liters Water bath or dry heat Removable stainless steel container Hinged stainless steel lid with ladle cut-out Cast aluminium outside Stainless steel interior Simmerstat
Dhs. 4,321.00
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Crescor Insulated Undercounter Stainless Steel Hot Cabinet
Keeps prepared foods at serving temperatures Powerful, yet efficient. Clear, easy-to-read and operate LED digital display to ensure precise food temperature.
Dhs. 14,291.00
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Hatco GRAL-36D3 Infrared Foodwarmer
Coated shatter-resistant lights enhance brilliant product display while safeguarding food from bulb breakage Sturdy continuous aluminum housings eliminate sagging Pre-focused heat maintains safe serving temperatures longer without continuing to cook the food
Dhs. 3,584.00
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Miran 5 food pan capacity heated base cabinet with bain-marie
5 food pan capacity heated base cabinet with bain-marie with Sneeze Guard (straight glass), with Tray slides and with sliding doors Including MOD-300TD + MOD-200TD from WELLS (UL & NSF ) Proposes dimensions of the counter: 1600x820x900 + 450 mm...
Dhs. 32,129.00
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Hatco GRAH-66 Glo-Ray Aluminum Single Infrared Warmer 66"
Prefocused heat pattern covers the entire holding surface Consistent holding temperatures with no "cold spots" Sturdy extruded aluminum housings that do not sag, in widths from 18" to 144" (457 to 3658 mm) Standard models Reflector does not blacken, maintaining...
Dhs. 2,225.00
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Wells HMP6T-230 6" x 20" Half Long Food Pan Drop-In Hot Food Well
HMP6 models accommodate one 6” X 20” Half-size food pan or equivalent fractional inset pans One-piece stainless steel top flange and heavy-gauge, deepdrawn stainless steel warming pans Suitable for wet or dry operation (wet recommended for best results) Thermostatic controls...
Dhs. 3,487.00
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Hatco GRAIHL-24 Glo-Ray Single Infra-Black Strip Warmer with Lights 24"
Provides the ideal amount of heat for limited space operations, mounted 4" to 10" (102 to 254 mm) above the target surface Thermostatically controlled to regulate heat and provide a consistent temperature. Infra-Black emitter provides even, precise heat distribution, eliminating...
Dhs. 2,552.00
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Alto-Shaam 1200-S/SR Heated Holding Cabinet
Dual purpose — both a holding cabinet and dough proofer Stainless steel interior resists corrosion Digital control senses temperature drops faster, providing quick heat recovery time Door venting holds crispy food better Data Sheet Frequency (Hz) 50/60 Actual Ampere (A)...
Dhs. 15,829.00
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Hatco GRSBF-24 Glo-Ray Built In Heated Shelf Warmer 24"
Uniform heat distribution with hard coated aluminum surface and blanket-type element 36" (914 mm) flexible conduit channels power lines from the shelf to a control box Standard controller includes control thermostat, an illuminated power switch and mounting brackets Thermostatically-controlled heated...
Dhs. 7,143.00
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Server Soup Kettle Warmer 10.4L
An adjustable thermostat senses food temperature and turns the heating element on or off as needed eliminating burning or scorching. 10.4 L capacity, The right side handle assists in opening the lid ergonomically, removing the risk of reaching over dangerous...
Dhs. 3,861.00
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APW TM-43D One Pan Drop In Hot Food Well with Drain
Accommodates 1 4/3 size steam table pan Top mount design for counter top installation Deep drawn 20 gauge and type 304 stainless steel well design 1/2" NPT drain
Dhs. 2,465.00
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Hatco GRCD-3PD Glo-Ray Heated Display Case
HATCO GRCD-3PD for hot meals-to-go, the Hatco Glo-Ray Designer Heated Display Case features curved tempered glass styling and incandescent lighting to accentuate your product. And Glo-Ray’s exclusive infrared heat pattern, combined with the heated base, keeps all food at that...
Dhs. 17,670.00
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