1MORE Stylish True Wireless Earbuds in-Ear Headphones with mic - Bluetooth 5.0 with volume control

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1More has made a few earphones over the past couple of years that we have highly recommended to our readers, and now they are going wireless with their new 1More Stylish True Wireless Earbuds. These are a cable-free set of earphones in a similar style to Apples Airpods, and this...
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1More has made a few earphones over the past couple of years that we have highly recommended to our readers, and now they are going wireless with their new 1More Stylish True Wireless Earbuds. These are a cable-free set of earphones in a similar style to Apples Airpods, and this is a category of headphones that is becoming ever more popular since smartphone manufacturers decided to ax the headphone jack from their handsets. We have reviewed a lot of this style of earphones in the past year, and only a handful are something we would ever recommend to our readers. With that said, how to the 1 More Stylish stack up against the competition?


Box and accessories for the 1More Stylish.
The charging case for the earbuds.

A lot of these true wireless earphones are very similar and 1More fall right in line with a lot of the specs offered by other brands, but they offer them at a lower price point. Some of the features you will see on these earphones are as follows.

  • Bluetooth 5.0 with APTX file support

  • Multiple Pairing modes

  • 24 hour battery life (claimed) with case and 96 hours standby time

  • Autopairing

  • Qualcom chips for conectivity

  • Fast charging supported with 3 hours playback for 15 min charge

  • In built microphone for calling

  • Support for voice assistants.

It’s a pretty good spec list, and its delivered at an excellent price point..


The first time pairing the 1More Stylish was super simple. You hold down the pairing button and connect via the screen on your device. Once connected, you shouldn’t have to pair again, and they auto connect to your smartphone when you take them out the box.


The earbuds live up to their Stylish name, and they are one of the better looking true wireless earphones on the market today. They look sleek and relatively low profile in contrast with the competition, which is far bulkier. Build quality is excellent, which of course you expect from 1 more given how well made the companies triple driver and quad driver IEMs are built.

The body is metal, and it feels like it will hold up well over time, and after finishing our review process, the earphones still look as good as they did out the box.

The carry case is also excellent quality. It looks cool and gives you somewhere to keep your earphones when not in use and it of course double up as a charger.

I slammed the $300 Master & Dynamic MW07 in a review last week because their case as fancy as it looks was just completely useless. The 1More Stylish True Wireless Earbuds have a better case and arguably better looks, and they cost only a third of those overpriced turds from M&D.

It is not all perfect though because for some reason there is a freaking Micro USB connector by which you have to charge these. I no longer own anything with micro-USB, and apart from my Minirig speaker, I live a life of one cable bliss in the USB-C world I have created for myself. This seems like a severe oversight and one that I would hope to see upgraded in any further refreshes.


1more stylish case and the earbuds with ear guides attached.

The 1More earbuds are very comfortable to wear over long , and they also fit snuggly and are held in place with the ear wing. Most of the time they stayed in place, but one day when I was running, it fell out three times during a 5k.

Fitting them is easy. The first couple of times, you will struggle to get them seated just right, but after a bit of practice, it is a, and the firmly lock into place.

The earphones have a medium/shallow insertion depths, so that strikes a right balance between comfort and isolation from environmental noise. They are suitable isolators and on a par with other models in this product category. They won’t reduce noise in the way that a noise canceling earphone will but they performed more than well enough for me to be able to recommend them for travel.


1more stylish earbuds with carry case and bag.

The earphones do have a built-in microphone for taking calls.

The good news is that while on calls, the sound quality was excellent and even in loud environments, the 1more Stylish sounded clean and clear in part thanks to its microphone noise-canceling tech.


Battery life is quoted at 7.5 hours and unsurprisingly as is the case with all real-life battery tests they fell short. What was surprising was that they managed 6 hours and 20 minutes at 50% volume with the phone at 1 meter away. That's very good and above average in comparison with other even more expensive true wireless earphones of this style.



Sound quality is good for truly wireless earbuds, but I won’t pretend that they can even compete with wired speakers that cost a fraction of the price. There are of course drawback to being completely free on wires, and the sound is usually the first casualty. However as with all things like this we have to look at the 1More Stylish earbuds in comparison with similar products and in that regard they are one of the better sounding models we have heard in 2019.

Bass is strong and punchy. There is a definite tuning bias to the low end on these and as such the sound good with EDM, pop, and Rap more than with rock or classic. Mids and lows sit back from the low end and highs are also rolled off.

The earphones are tuned warm so they do sound quite intimate, but the recession of the mids can sometimes veil over details.

Its a good sounding earphone for the genuinely wireless category but only if you like a lot of bass in your music.


The 1more stylish true wireless earphones charging in their carry case.

The 1more Stylish True Wireless earbuds are a very good earphone for this category and given its price; I think they will be an attractive choice for a lot of buyers in 2019. I do, however, have to take issue with the lack of USB-C for charging. Even with those omissions they still perform well, have high build, look good and have excellent battery life. A solid all-rounder.

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