Polyscience® Anti-Griddle® Flash Freeze
PolyScience temperature control expertise goes well beyond Sous Vide and other methods of adding heat. We’re also experts at taking heat away quickly. The resulting flash freezing enables you to quickly turn sauces, purees, crèmes, vinaigrettes and other foods into...
Dhs. 7,463.00
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The Sonicprep™ Ultrasonic Homogenizer
The PolyScience Sonicprep emits ultrasonic sound waves or “sonicates” to extract, infuse, homogenize, emulsify, suspend, de-gas or even rapidly create barrel-aged flavor. By applying low heat vibrations of sound energy, this new PolyScience machine provides you an incredible range of...
Dhs. 26,250.00
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Rotary Vacuum Evaporator
The PolyScience Culinary Evaporator package gives you unlimited possibilities in evaporation, distillation, concentration of flavors, and purification of liquids. The main components are a rotary evaporator, the PolyScience LM6 Mini-Chiller, and a vacuum aspirator pump. The vacuum aspirator pump enables...
Dhs. 46,200.00
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